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DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Hardwood floor refinishing requires lots of diligence and hard work. Nonetheless, a refinished floor enhances and protects the beauty of your home. Hiring an expert to do the refinishing is costly for most homeowners. Therefore, taking hard floor refinishing as a DIY project is the most affordable option for most homeowners. The following procedure will help you refinish your hardwood floor:
1. Remove Old Finisheshardwood floor refinish
The first step is to get rid of the old finish through sanding the hardwood floors. To remove the old finish with ease consider renting a walk-behind floor sander with a rotating drum. To sand tight walls, corners and doorways rent a handheld power edge sander. Make sure you wear a dust mask, eye and ear protection for your safety before you start the sanding process.
2. Prep the floor for finishing
After completing the sanding, fill any cracks or spots using wood putty. Allow the putty to dry and then sand those areas lightly by hand using fine sandpaper. Wait for the dust to settle then clear all the dust from the floor, walls and molding. Start wiping the dust up from the molding, towards the walls and down to the floor. Use a regular vacuum cleaner with a dust filter to clear all the dust that has gathered on the floor.
Once you finish vacuuming grab a piece of tack cloth and wipe down the whole floor surface. The special cloth will help to catch all dust residue that may spoil the finish. Have multiple tack cloths to avoid using them beyond their capacity to hold dust residue.
3. Select the most suitable finish
There are different types of finishes to select from. The look of the floor you desire will determine the type of finish you choose. Polyurethane is water or oil based finish with various degrees of luster that produces a kind of plastic appearance. It tends to darken and is ideal for floors with high traffic and moisture.
Varnish is a type of finish that has a range of luster from matte to glossy. According to this maid service in Charlotte NC the surface is more durable if the finish has higher gloss. As time goes by varnish darkens. Spot repairs can be conducted on varnish.
The penetrating sealer exhibits the wood’s grain with its natural look. It protects the wood well, particularly when waxed. Its durability is much lesser than varnish or polyurethane. However, it is the least difficult to do spot repairs on.
4. Begin Sealingrefinishing
After sanding the wood surface becomes open which allows it to absorb moisture. Therefore to prevent this from happening, sealing must be done on the same day you complete sanding. Apply the sealer evenly using a sheepskin applicator. Take caution to avoid drenching into the wood with the excess sealer that leaves horrible spots.
5. Protect the Finish
Use fine steel wool (No.2) to buff the floor once the seal dries. Remove all the dust before applying the next finish coat using through vacuuming and wiping using a tack cloth. Then apply initial 2 coats of the chosen floor finish allowing enough drying time between the coats. Finally, apply the last coat and allow it to dry for at least 24hrs before you bring back the furniture.

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Getting Green and Secured in Home Improving

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home-renovation-project-3Home improvements need not be rocket science or renovating the entire house. Extra steps can be taken within close distance. One option is to plant some trees.

You may ask how adding trees will add value to your home’s improvement. Apart from being not so expensive trees get better with age.

A mature tree reaches a worth of between $1,000 to $10,000. A silver maple can worth as much as $2,562 for just over a foot long.

It is a common expression to say that money does not grow on trees, but in urban areas it may be said to be true. A study on home sales say that street trees found in front or near a house increases its sale price

refinance-homeimprovementby $8,870 on the average. Better, it shortens by two days its sales availability in the market.

Furthermore, you end up with savings cost of energy by $100 to $250 annually by having trees in the backyard. It creates a less stressful home by surrounding yourself with a lot of green. Soil erosion brought upon by roof runoff and heavy downpours is prevented.

Trees also do its share in protecting your homes from the elements—wind, rain, and sun.



When planting just make sure you follow the sun. This is to maximize its shade properties when the sun is at its strongest and longest sunshine moment. When you take note of the wind direction, wind breaking trees lower energy costs by 30% during winter months.

Lastly, take note of proper spacing especially when trees reach their maturity. You may incur expensive roofing damage when trees end up scraping parts of the house.

Installing a patio adds value to your home improvement plans. This is one more idea you can explore. Patios are great and cost effective way of increasing the living space in your house. A big plus is it won’t Home-Improvement-Loans-4add up so much on your costs.

Around 30% to 60% investment recovery is possible. A resale return of around $900 from a $2,000 patio is highly.


Just keep in check to keep the patio functional and simple. Don’t go too excited with building an outdoor kitchen even! Think of the time you have to sell, you may not end up with any returns on the high end amenities.

Lastly, make home security a priority too. Priceless is what comes with peace of mind. And that may be close with having a home security system installed.

Price varies, options range from $50 to $300 if you do it yourself. A security company will install a system from $0 to $1,500 with multi-year maintenance contract ranging from $95 to $480 per year.

By installing a monitored system you also get a home insurance break. In most cases, annual discount rate run from 15% to 20%.

Home security systems also make the property more marketable that almost 50% of buyers of homes prefer home security systems installed topping the list of technology features that’s most wanted.

imagesOptions can be as simple as a keypad using sensors as communication lines with detectors of motion scattered across the house. On the high end, one has smartphone operated locks options with laser tripping wires.

Reminders that for systems to work well in almost all times, the company must be in the business for at least ten years to ensure reliability. Also, never neglect your first line of defense, the usual locking of windows and doors. One must not leave the entire house security to a system.

After all, security need not be expensive just to keep unwanted people off limits.